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Master program in Behavioral Economics
The entrance selection to the master program in Behavioral Economics:

The applicants will submit a research project proposal concerning a practical problem of interest for them. Then, they will present those proposals during the interview with the Admission Committee.
The main criteria for grading are structure, clarity and relevance of the topic for the field of Behavioral Economics. Critical thinking and concision will also be of a great importance, along with a basic understanding of Behavioral Economics principles.
Foreign students can submit their applications online, please contact us for details at the email address below.
July 2018

Have you ever thought on how could you determine people (including yourself) to exercise more, consume less, pay their taxes, make some savings and in general achieve their objectives?
Have you ever wondered yourself where the differences between your economic behavior and another person’s economic behavior arise? Have you ever wanted to know whether poor people have different economic behaviors patterns than reach people? And have you ever liked to know what’s the best incentive to make people (including yourself) to save more, spend less and yet live happily?
If the answer is yes and you have identified some type of problematic behavior which needs an intervention, the master program in Behavioral Economics is the perfect framework for preparing a feasible and significant solution.
You should send us your concerns and preoccupations in the form of a concise description of the issue (max 8000 characters), according to the following structure and instructions. If you go over the word count, the evaluation committee will delete the extra words and will assess your proposal based on the truncated text.
Put your proposal in an envelope and bring it to the Secretariat along with the rest of the required documents, no later than the 23th of July.  Submit your documents at Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea. and do not forget to include a printed copy of your research project proposal in your personal file!
Then, prepare for the evaluation: the interview is set for 26th of July.

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